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The 50p dress


This is one of my favourite vintage dresses, not only because of the great sixties shape and print but because it cost 50p! I found it while rummaging through a drawer of old lace and table cloths at one of my regular shops. Amongst the mess of white and cream I saw a flash of green, thought ‘oooh, what’s that?’, pulled it out and it was an entire dress. With a tag that said 50p!

I’ll definitely stroll around New York in this one when I go with my friend Auriol in a few weeks. I think it’s just dying for a cocktail in Greenwich.

And my lovely friend Erin – designer, dressmaker and plus-size blogging wonder – very kindly took up the sleeves on my leather jacket the other week, something I didn’t get around to for a year.






I’m wearing:

1960s print dress – Boutique 73, Wolverton

Leather jacket – Barney’s Originals at Asos

Shoes – flea market

Ankle socks – Tesco kids’ section

Sunglasses – Asos

Ring – Topshop

Belt – Primark


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