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New York: vintage shopping



Obviously awesome vintage shopping was one of the many things on our to do list in New York. First, we headed to the West Village, where we had heard there were a lot of vintage boutiques. We only really managed to find this one, Stella Dallas, but it was a gem.

This is the perfect shop for true vintage – beautiful garments from the 1920s to 1970s in good condition overall. It’s a bit pricier here (my 1960s mink and astrakhan jacket cost about $190) but this is where you go for those pieces you’ll love for years. It has a great range of fur coats and jackets, evening dresses and silky 1930s and 1940s nightwear.

Stella Dallas, 218 Thompson St., New York, NY 10012

Stella Dallas also has two shops side by side in Brooklyn – a textiles only shop and a big vintage warehouse – 10 Ft Single – full of band t-shirts, sportswear and a lot of old denim. Very Beyond Retro.

10 Ft Single by Stella Dallas, 285 N 6th St, Brooklyn, NY 11211



 When it was clear that the West Village wasn’t indeed where vintage was at, we popped to the East Village where we had much more success. Our favourite was No Relation Vintage – big with a cellar and a lot of motif t-shirts, big woolly jumpers, furry coats and army jackets for really good prices (about $10 for most t-shirts and jackets from about $20). Also very Beyond Retro.

No Relation Vintage, 204 1st Avenue (between East 12 & East 13 Sts), NYC, NY 10009



  On a Sunday stroll around Williamsburg we spent a lot of time in the Bedford Avenue area. This is big hipsterville – boutiques, bistros, rooftop bars and street art everywhere.

Awoke Vintage, which started life out in Australia, is a very pretty and tidy little shop where everything is in really lovely condition. This is a great stop for printed cotton day dresses and cotton shirts.

Awoke Vintage, 132 North 5th St, Brooklyn, NY 11211




   Are you looking for little brown leather suitcases, old telephones, typewriters and weird dolls? Then Ugly Luggage is your shop. We were offered a “cute accent discount” on the leather suitcase but we didn’t really fancy paying for extra baggage at the airport. But the owner is very friendly and happy to let you haggle. If you furnished your house entirely from this shop you’d get a 1950s to 1970s curious bachelor show home sort of vibe.

Ugly Luggage, 214 Bedford Ave, NY 11211



 And I never caught the name of this shop and can’t find it on Google but it’s near Bedford Avenue, very big and full of the weirdest stuff you never thought you needed.







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Snaps this week

   This week’s Instagram (


Birthday beehive by the best vintage hairstylist in the land, Sarah’s Doo-Wop Dos


Birthday present!




At Sarah’s salon



Thank you to my lovely sister for my fabulous surprise


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The Right Time



A couple of weekends ago my lovely friend Claire came up to visit for a day of photography. But then it rained loads, we got our cameras wet and we just about squeezed a few shots in. Thanks Claire for taking these!

I wore a vintage coat I bought a while ago from the great Rose-tinted Vintage in Bedford, which sadly shut down this year. I love the green buttons and the label, which says The Right Time – the first thing I noticed when I saw it hanging on the rails.


My birdcage umbrella was a present and is Lulu Guinness.



I’m wearing:

Coat – Rose-tinted Vintage, Bedford

T-shirt – New Look

Skirt – United Colors of Benetton, via Gone Retro, Stony Stratford

Brogues – Russell & Bromley, via a charity shop

Umbrella – Lulu Guinness

Tote bag – shop in Brooklyn

Scarab necklace – Eclectic Eccentricity

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New York: food and drink


 I don’t like to wait too long for food, and I like even less to wait too long for a pint of beer. But when you hear from several sources that Shake Shack, seemingly the most hipster gourmet burger chain in New York, has queues half an hour long you suddenly really want some.

I’d heard the burgers were amazing and when I saw beer on the menu it made it a bit easier to stick it out in the queue. The line moves faster than you might think (but if you’re that bothered there’s a web cam to show you how busy it is before you arrive) and once you order you see it’s pretty heavily staffed.

I got a cheese burger and a beer for just under $10. Was it worth the wait? I wouldn’t go again at such a busy time (it does seem to have its quiet moments during the day) but it was very tasty. The flavours reminded me a lot of McDonald’s but the ingredients were clearly much better quality.


 Brunch is apparently a big thing in New York, and a lot of the good restaurants book up for Sunday brunch pretty quickly. For some late breakfast we headed to Five Leaves on Bedford Avenue in Green Point, fairly near where we stayed with our friend Toni. This casual oyster bar, opened with the backing of Heath Ledger’s estate when he died before he saw his cafe plans come to fruition, was packed.

We grabbed a table in the sunshine and shared a huge stack of ricotta pancakes with honeycomb butter, banana, blueberries and strawberries, and some dandelion bruschetta, all for about $20 – pretty decent value considering we had to abandon half the pancakes.




Further down Bedford Avenue is a string of great vintage shops, boutiques and bars and restaurants – I highly recommend a visit if you go to Williamsburg. We had a quick drink on the roof terrace at Juliette but there’s a big restaurant downstairs if you’re hungry.







I didn’t take my DSLR out to dinner with our good friend Ayesha but here’s a little iPhone pic of the great Mexican food at Zona Rosa on Lorimer Street and the corner of Metropolitan Avenue. We were drawn to this place for three main reasons – a roof terrace, cool fairly lights and an old Airstream that made up the side of the kitchen. We didn’t make it to a table on the terrace but the food here is great. We ordered a selection of tacos and our hearts fell a bit when we were presented with a high tea-style get-up. Then we got very full. Eyes, belly…


And here are some pics I nabbed from their website…



And I didn’t get anything from this next place but how cool is this? Draft beer to take away? Why don’t we have this in Britain?



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Just bought: The Whitepepper Angel dress




I’ve been staring at The Whitepepper Angel dress for a while now and when Asos very sweetly emailed me a promo code for £10 off for my birthday I snapped it up. I found The Whitepepper while reading Rhiannon’s blog at Vintage Style Me and a little while later got the very pretty sailor dress in the summer. Their winter collection is pretty cute, with darker tones and a lovely navy swing dress in velvet. I really want that too…