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The Longchamp veau foulonné


I’ve had enough treats really – I’ve bought myself more well-done-for-working-so-hard presents than I can count and while I love them all they do take up a lot of space. Did I need another treat? Probably not. Did I need another handbag? Absolutely not. But I really wanted a Longchamp and when I secured the most amazing corporate client in May I thought I really deserved one.

I’m not going to pretend I didn’t half copy my friend who’s had this exact bag for years. She nabbed hers – in lovely condition – for a bargain at a vintage shop and wore it and wore it and wore it. I knew it was a good bag, I knew it was a very practical bag and I knew, just like her, I’d take it to dinner, cocktails, the pub and Tesco. But I also knew I was never going to find it for £50 at a vintage shop so I just forked out. And I’m so happy I did!



I’ve already had one pain in the arse who shall not be named tell me that my bag of joy is not worth the £175 I parted with a few weeks ago. To that I say that first, it was the cheapest leather handbag in the shop; second, it’s very practical, versatile and surprisingly roomy; third, it’s incredibly chic and French, and fourth, I think £175 is all right for a designer handbag. I’m really pleased with it, I think it’ll wear really well over the years and it’s far better value than a lot of the other designer handbags out there which use very similar materials and much less of it.

Now I just need to take it to Paris…

I’m wearing:

Handbag – Longchamp

Skirt – charity shop

T-shirt – New Look

Shoes – New Look

Sunglasses – Asos

1960s ladybird ring – Ollie Vee’s, Leighton Buzzard

Belt – Primark

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A perfect weekend in London started with a Friday treat to myself for working so hard. In the end I forgot all about the Lulu Guinness Annabelle and went for something much more classic.



Kentish Town



My new favourite London pub – The Island Queen, Islington



The centrepiece – Arcade Fire, Earls Court