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Want: Loup Garçon dress



I just found out about Loup from Calivintage this morning and it’s all so pretty! If you’re sad that you’re not Jane Birkin, go and look at the sweet little Paris-inspired dresses, all made in New York. I love this one but I’ve promised to not by myself anything new for months – 2015 needs to be the year of austerity.

But oh –





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Favourite pins: December

My favourite pins of December. You can see my boards at

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The teddy coat



After years of wearing huge furry coats all winter I thought I’d never really be warm in a non-furry ever again. But I got this fantastic 1960s teddy coat from Curious Minds Vintage in Buckingham last month and it’s great for really cold weather.

This was an absolute bargain at £30 – it’s a gorgeous classic 60s piece, it’s in brilliant condition, and it’s very heavy and well-made. It goes with nearly everything I own but I especially love it with my most recent bits from American Apparel.



Coat – Curious Minds Vintage, Buckingham

Dress – American Apparel

Jumper – American Apparel

Bag – Longchamp

Boots – Asos Marketplace

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The Kissing Booth




I love my Coco Fennell bee dress. I love it so much I bought it twice – the first time, too cocky to believe the ‘dry clean only’ label, I washed it and it shrank… about two dress sizes. It still fit but it was too tight to look like the tea dress it used to be so I gave it to my petite friend Auriol and bought another.

This dress is perfect for those London lunch meetings I still have to go to every once in a while and for more special occasions, such as this wedding where my sister and I were the photographers for the whole day. Side note – being a wedding photographer is exhausting. It’s fun but it’s non-stop all day. Grab a pint before you start and wear flat shoes.

When we finally got a quiet moment at the reception, this kissing booth plus novelty glasses obviously equalled a lot of bee dress posing…



Dress – Coco Fennell

Ballet shoes – Topshop

Watch – Burberry