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An afternoon at Kew



Last weekend my lovely friend Fareed cooked me lunch and showed me around his neighbourhood, which just so happens to encompass Kew Gardens. I’d been before, years ago as a young pensions reporter on a freebie press do at a summer concert, but I’d never had the chance to explore it. Fareed has a season ticket so we strolled through the gates with an ice-cream without having to pay and headed straight to the palm house.

I wore my petticoat especially for him that Sunday because he once dared me to wear it to work…





Top – Topshop

Petticoat – American Apparel

Ballet shoes – Topshop

Bag – Longchamp

Army jacket – Gone Retro, Milton Keynes

Ring – Thor & Whistle

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The teddy coat



After years of wearing huge furry coats all winter I thought I’d never really be warm in a non-furry ever again. But I got this fantastic 1960s teddy coat from Curious Minds Vintage in Buckingham last month and it’s great for really cold weather.

This was an absolute bargain at £30 – it’s a gorgeous classic 60s piece, it’s in brilliant condition, and it’s very heavy and well-made. It goes with nearly everything I own but I especially love it with my most recent bits from American Apparel.



Coat – Curious Minds Vintage, Buckingham

Dress – American Apparel

Jumper – American Apparel

Bag – Longchamp

Boots – Asos Marketplace

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Easter bonnet



I popped out today in my Easter bonnet – a pretty little pink vintage hat I bought last year for a Halloween party. Since I didn’t get any decent pics of it back then, I decided to leave the skulls I stitched on for these shots.

And I love the Right Time label on my mohair coat from Rose-tinted Vintage in Bedford. The label and the green buttons make the coat.

I’m wearing:

Hat – vintage, Ollie Vee’s Vintage Emporium, Leighton Buzzard

Mohair coat – vintage, Rose-tinted Vintage, Bedford

Petticoat – American Apparel

Sweater – charity shop

Brogues – Pied A Terre

Bunny ring – New Look