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Barcelona: vintage shopping


I love Barcelona. I love the architecture, the food, the cheap beer and the laid-back lifestyle – a fabulous break from home when I’ve been working flat out writing articles for finance magazines.

My dear friend Beth has lived in Barcelona for about five years and by now has shown me around most of her favourite places. Beth and I both love a good vintage and charity shop trip so on top tour guide form, during my last trip in November, she took me to the best Barcelona vintage shop she’s shown me yet – Kilostore on Carrer de la Riera Baixa.


Take a short walk from La Rambla for vintage sold by the weight and really lovely service. Despite apparently having plenty of similar shops in England, I’d never come across one so I got pretty excited.

Kilostore is especially good for really cheap and good quality coats and jackets, knitwear and accessories. I got a fantastic men’s navy pea coat – with little red anchors embroidered in the lapels – for about €25.





  Everything, except for very light and difficult to weigh items like belts, is labelled black or white, giving it a price of either €20 or €30 a kilo. Take it to the till and the really nice staff will weigh it, get out a calculator and tell you exactly how much it is.






Kilostore – Carrer de la Riera Baixa, a short walk from Liceu metro station on La Rambla.


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