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The Kissing Booth




I love my Coco Fennell bee dress. I love it so much I bought it twice – the first time, too cocky to believe the ‘dry clean only’ label, I washed it and it shrank… about two dress sizes. It still fit but it was too tight to look like the tea dress it used to be so I gave it to my petite friend Auriol and bought another.

This dress is perfect for those London lunch meetings I still have to go to every once in a while and for more special occasions, such as this wedding where my sister and I were the photographers for the whole day. Side note – being a wedding photographer is exhausting. It’s fun but it’s non-stop all day. Grab a pint before you start and wear flat shoes.

When we finally got a quiet moment at the reception, this kissing booth plus novelty glasses obviously equalled a lot of bee dress posing…



Dress – Coco Fennell

Ballet shoes – Topshop

Watch – Burberry


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