Charity, Poppy Appeal, Royal British Legion

The Poppy Appeal 2014



I have been volunteering for the Poppy Appeal for the past three years and just found out that our stall has had a record year, collecting £12,253.

Overall, our branch of the Royal British Legion has raised £34,157 and counting. With more buckets left to sort through it’s likely to be a fair bit more.

Volunteering for the Poppy Appeal is a really uplifting experience. It’s a great chance to meet lots of really lovely and generous people, many of whom happily donate £10 and £20 at a time. One man who donated to our stall’s bucket apparently put in about £200!

The Poppy Appeal hopes to raise at least £40 million in total this year and I think our team in Milton Keynes has a lot to be proud of this November.

It’s a joy to take part and I’m grateful they have me each year. If you’d like to take part next year just contact your local branch of the Legion and they’ll put you in touch with the person organising the rota. Our branch usually does two-hour shifts so it’s just a short time out of your week and it’s great fun for a really deserving cause.


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