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The Burberry trench

Trench one

Trench two

As a child, I remember my mum always looking very glamorous with red nails, flame-red curly hair and a beautiful Burberry trench right through the autumn and winter each year. The trench I wore all weekend – and will most likely do so every day until bitter furry coat weather – is the same one my dad bought for her before a trip to Paris in 1990. And it’s still in fantastic condition. I think my dad probably wanted my mum to feel as chic as the Parisian women so they went to the Burberry shop in London and each got a classic style with their initials embroidered in the labels.

It’s had a lot of love over the years but for a while has just hung in the wardrobe in the spare room at our house. But now I have secured firm permission to play with it as much as I want! Cue a lot of very giddy ‘oh my God, where did you get that coat?’ Thanks mum!

Trench four

Trench five

I’m wearing:

Trench – Burberry, a gift from my dad to my mum in 1990

T-shirt – Camden market

Skirt – American Apparel

Handbag – charity shop

Boots – a gift, via Asos Marketplace

Sunglasses – Asos


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