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Isabella Blow: Fashion Galore



Isabella Blow: Fashion Galore at Somerset House is fantastic. If you love avant-garde high fashion then you will not be disappointed. Isabella’s collection of Philip Treacy, Alexander McQueen and John Galliano is stunning.

The exhibition, which runs until March 2, also includes McQueen’s graduate collection from 1992, which Isabella bought in its entirety. However, she was a bit skint and could only afford to pay him £100 a week for the pieces, which were released one at a time.




 The show is full of personal touches including family photos, school pictures,videos, notepads, her favourite Chanel lipstick (“If you don’t wear lipstick I can’t talk to you”) and a fax from her boss querying a string of dodgy expenses claims. The exhibition also tells you that she usually wrote in pink ink, often wore odd shoes and had the same shoe in various sizes.




It’s a great exhibition that underscores the huge impact she had on British fashion. I already liked Isabella and knew she was great but I didn’t realise just how influential she was. Go and see it before it ends!


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