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Yesterday my friends and I capped off a perfect Saturday in London with a trip to Wilton’s Music Hall near Cable Street. We’d already been to the Isabella Blow exhibition at Somerset House, which I’ll blog about in a few days, and had a late lunch at The Breakfast Club in Spitalfields when we popped in for a few chilled out drinks in the Mahogany Bar.


Wilton’s – the world’s oldest surviving music hall – is one of my absolute favourite places in London. I commuted to London for five years before going freelance and when our office moved to Wapping, which felt about 10 miles from anywhere, Wilton’s became our haven – it was just around the corner from work, tucked away off the main road, and it was our cosy little living room for the best leaving dos, after work pints and Christmas drinks. They also do fantastic and very cheap food during shows.

Auriol had never been and I knew she’d love it…




Pretending this is our front room. How much cool stuff can we fit in our bags?





Wilton’s Music Hall, 1 Graces Alley (off Ensign St), London, E1 8JB


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