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Vintage JennyVintage: How to make a gingerbread house?



Last Christmas my friends and I thought it would be a good idea to make gingerbread houses. They looked quite cute in the end but we will never attempt this again! This year it’s cookies or minty sweets or something like that.

Here’s a repeat of last year’s ‘fun’…

Some words of warning – while making gingerbread houses sounds like lovely fun it is in my one experience difficult and stressful. Getting them to stand up while the chocolate glue dries is particularly tricky. But I was the least optimistic on this mission and my friends Auriol (middle house) and Erin (right house) were far more positive throughout. We made a lot of mess and each house collapsed at least once but I think by the end they turned out pretty well.



We started by cutting templates for each piece of gingerbread we needed, then cutting out the dough and popping the separate bits in the oven for 15 minutes. To save time we used dough that was ready to roll out – Asda, £2. These small pieces are for chimneys.



Standing the pieces up in butter cream before glueing them together with melted white chocolate seemed to be the best strategy. They fell over quite a bit but once the chocolate had hardened they were pretty sturdy.


My favourite picture of the whole day. What’s wrong, Auriol?


Butter cream, white chocolate and icing sugar. I’m not sure which one eventually held it all together…



But wait? What are they? Finished gingerbread houses? And they’re standing up?






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