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Other people’s houses: Brooklyn


When you’re staying in the coolest flat in Williamsburg and no one is at home, is it okay to take creepy pictures of it and post them on the internet? I thought so.


Auriol and I had an amazing week in New York last month, made even better by our fantastic and incredibly generous host Toni, and her two brilliant flatmates. They just so happen to live in the flat of our dreams so we thought it would be a good idea to document it.

This small three-bedroom apartment makes the best use of limited space and demonstrates that a lack of square footage should never put you off of large furniture and artwork – they really do often make homes look bigger. This shelving unit, handmade by one of Toni’s flatmates, is my favourite piece. It’s built almost to the ceiling and makes a great-looking feature and a huge amount of storage. My favourite thing about it is the little bar he’s created from filling one of the boxes with his favourite drinks and an old sign. I’m definitely doing this.

What’s even cooler is that they don’t have a TV – they have a projector with a projection screen fixed to the top of the shelving unit. Tug on the string and it’s home cinema time. So much cheaper and more exciting than a widescreen television.





 I love the shelves with pieces of art leaning at the back.




The kitchen has one of the best pieces – a high-level breakfast bar and worktop made from an old dining room table. With a bottle opener screwed to one of the legs. Obviously. The simplicity and high-end feel of these cheap materials have dissuaded me from buying furniture from Ikea ever again.



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