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The Crauford Arms – pub/urm… shop


 The Crauford Arms in Wolverton, Milton Keynes, has long been a favourite among the alternative crowd, especially since in general, Milton Keynes has failed enormously to give these people anywhere decent to drink. The Crauford has bands every week, a nice dingy atmosphere and a pool table. Already a pretty decent pub, I reckon.

But they have just renovated their previously derelict back room (according to the owner’s dad it didn’t even have a ceiling) and now it’s a bit of a vintage haven. Hurrah!

Auriol and I got a sneak peak on Saturday afternoon and the barman very kindly let us get in the way and drink our beers in there while they tidied it for its opening. It’s much quieter than the main pub and has a great selection of 1960s to 1980s furnishings, which are all priced up for sale should you fancy taking anything home. And they’ve just started serving street food. I think I need to come here every week now.





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