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There’s a new cherry red velvet Mary Jane in town



I’ve had a few people ask where I got my lovely cherry red velvet Dr Martens Mary Janes and sadly the answer is from eBay because they were limited edition and sold out in the UK. And I had to pay about £80 in postage and customs duty on top of what I paid for the shoes so they cost about the same as they would from a shop.

But I just spotted a brand new alternative on the Office website – the Taboo T Bar.

These shoes are from Office’s own brand and at just £60 they’re about half the price of a pair of Dr Martens. Office is calling this colour burgundy but from these pictures I reckon they’re the exact same colour as my cherry reds.

Aren’t they gorgeous?






I think the Office version is just as pretty as the Dr Martens original…






4 thoughts on “There’s a new cherry red velvet Mary Jane in town

  1. Maria says:

    Wow your style Is amazing. Just wondering where you got your fur coat in the pic with the velvet Mary Janes! I’ve been looking for one like it

    • Hi Maria, thanks for your comment! That’s very sweet. I got my furry coat from a charity shop years ago for £10 or £12. I would never recommend paying any more than that for a second-hand furry coat because there are so many that turn up in charity shops for about a tenner. But I do wear mine all the time when it’s cold so if you did spend more than that you’d undoubtedly get great value for money. x

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