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The reversible Oriental jacket


This reversible Oriental jacket was one of my first purchases from Ollie Vee’s Vintage Emporium five or so years ago and I still love it. It puts me in a smoking in the 1930s sort of mood and is one of my favourite jackets to cosy up in during the winter. With the air a little bit crisp all of a sudden on Sunday evening I took it out on a stroll.

The embroidered side is my favourite but the black velvet looks just as good, and worn with the black side out it actually has a different shape.






What I’m wearing:

Reversible jacket – Ollie Vee’s Vintage Emporium, Leighton Buzzard

T-shirt – New Look

Black mini skirt – Internacionale

Shoes – Primark

Elephant pendant – Accessorize

Sunglasses – Asos


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