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Review: Wild Rose Beauty Balm and Origins Clean Energy


A few months ago I overhauled my skincare routine and my complexion is about five times healthier-looking as a result. But after reading India Knight’s fantastic column in the Sunday Times Style magazine and realising that oil is pretty much the secret to anti-ageing, I decided I needed (and really wanted) more.

My first great discovery is Neal’s Yard’s Wild Rose Beauty Balm, a brilliant and very oily cleanser, exfoliator and moisturiser all in one. It comes with a muslin cloth so you can wash it off with hot water after cleansing and exfoliating. The instructions that come in the box also tell you how to do a very soothing aromatherapy facial, which is the biggest treat I now give my skin on a regular basis.

This product smells fantastic and reminds me of the gorgeous aromatherapy facials I used to look forward to on holiday as a teenager (I was always a bit of a middle-aged woman growing up…). I have also noticed that I tend to sleep a lot better when I wear it as a moisturiser to bed. I also have a lovely Neal’s Yard Hydrating Frankincense moisturiser and now I alternate the two as night creams. But the wild rose keeps its scent much better than the frankincense.

I am really, really happy with the results in my skin from the wild rose and the frankincense but I do feel like the rose is a deeper moisturiser and more luxurious. However, I will definitely buy both products again – but not for a while because they tend to last months.

Wild Rose Beauty Balm – £37

Frankincense Hydrating Cream – £24.75


My second new favourite product is Origins’ Clean Energy oil-based cleanser. I shunned my Boots Botanics cleanser the minute I got my hands on this and I use it twice a day. It’s a lovely thick oily cleanser that feels expensive, refreshing and intensive. And it smells fantastic – like the citrus element of the aromatherapy facials I miss. Sometimes I just sniff it if I pop to the bathroom for a second.

I apply this with my fingertips, prefer to leave it on for a few minutes because it smells and feels great, then I wash it off with warm water or a hot towel. India Knight reckons people who use this sort of stuff will look younger than their peers when they’re much older and by the way this cleanser feels I think she’s probably right.

I will definitely buy this again and I have made my older sister buy it, who says she got compliments on her new complexion in less than a week. She uses it with her Neal’s Yard frankincense moisturiser.

And this will also last for months and months!

Clean Energy – £21


Some of my favourite new bits – notice how much cleanser is still left after about two months’ use.


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