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Ahoy! The Whitepepper sailor dress


This sailor dress from The Whitepepper makes me feel a little jaunty. The big collar and loose fit make me feel like I’m on holiday – in 1920s beachwear. The first day I wore it out it got a few of those looks – little sideways glances that say the people in Milton Keynes are a bit confused. And by the second wear I got a “how long have you been in the navy?” from a bloke down the pub. “Two days,” I said.

I love this dress. I’d been staring at it online for about two months before I finally bought it and when it arrived the medium I’d picked was that bit too big. Then all of the peach sailor dresses had sold out on The Whitepepper’s website. If you’re in a similar panic, head to Asos where I got my small. The small fits really well but I’m still considering taking it in just an inch or so. But I do like the big, straight style.








I’m wearing:

Sailor dress – The Whitepepper (from Asos)

Bag – Ollie Vee’s Vintage Emporium, Leighton Buzzard

Shoes – Primark

Elephant pendant – Accessorize

Ladybird ring – Ollie Vee’s

Sunglasses – Asos


4 thoughts on “Ahoy! The Whitepepper sailor dress

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