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Snaps this week


So I just got my first iPhone and obviously the biggest reason for leaving Blackberry was Instagram… So now I’m on it all the time… I’m on Instagram under jennyvintage66.

Kilner jar G&Ts!

These great Kilner jars are favours from my sister’s lovely wedding a couple of weeks ago. She bought these from notonthehighstreet.com for Pimm’s after the ceremony for herself and her husband, and the three bridesmaids. They came with lids with pretty holes in so you can use the jars as glasses (with straws) or vases (with flowers poked into the lid). My friend Erin came round on Wednesday and she made really tasty G&Ts in them with Gordon’s cucumber gin, lemon tonic and slices of cucumber. Much less bitter than straight G&Ts.


Rachel Khoo’s chocolate lava cake with salted caramel filling

After dinner Erin and I got very Parisienne and baked something incredible. This might become my signature dinner party dessert. I’ve already baked it twice this week. This is a traditional French lava cake – a gooey chocolate pudding – with salted caramel piped into the centre before baking. You can find the recipe in Rachel Khoo‘s book, Little Paris Kitchen, and I probably shouldn’t post it on here. But it’s actually surprisingly easy. You’re just making caramel by melting sugar in a dry pan, adding double cream and a bit of sea salt, then you’re melting butter and dark chocolate and adding it to plain flour, light brown sugar and eggs. Easy!


More Kilner cocktail pics… I have a feeling there’ll be a lot of these on my blog…

This one’s cava and mango. I bought the bunny night light last year from Ollie Vee’s in Leighton Buzzard.

I’ve also been Instagramming my old pics, starting with my sister’s beautiful wedding a couple of weeks ago…




Instagram of a pic I took in the supposed spring using my Holga lens


D Block, Bletchley Park, in November


The boat behind me is Thekla, a music venue in Bristol. My band, The Koolaid Electric Company, played here a couple of times a few years ago


Ah, Paris. I was very generously taken here to stay overnight on a work trip when I was still a newbie in journalism.






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