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Bletchley Park 1940s festival: the best dressed

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The re-enactors at the Bletchley Park 1940s weekend look incredible every year, especially the women. I snapped as many fabulous outfits as I could from my vintage stall by the lake but there were so many more I didn’t catch or didn’t photograph well enough. Here are some of the best dressed from this year’s 1940s festival.

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Above is the beautiful and very talented 1940s entertainer, Luna Nightingale. Here she is treating herself to one of the fab aprons made by my friend Erin.

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I love these bright yellow shoes!

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result copy 18

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This hat is one of the best I have ever seen. The little blackbirds are fantastic.

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result copy 13

 I love the pattern on this little jumper and I really want a pair of 1940s-style sunglasses.

result copy 14

result copy 12

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A customer trying on one of our hats! Gorgeous knitwear with such pretty buttons.

result copy 10

More great sunglasses!

result copy 9

You never know when you might need a cup!

result copy 8

Luna Nightingale buying one of our straw hats!

result copy 7

Wartime family!

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