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All Star Lanes


The final stop on my trip to London over the weekend was All Star Lanes in Bloomsbury. Ayesha, Auriol and I had just been to a hectic British Museum – I wouldn’t advise thinking about it on a Saturday – and were in desperate need of a sit down and a beer. When we happened to walk past All Star Lanes – a great chain of fancy 1950s-themed American-style bowling alleys – I dragged my pals down the stairs and straight to a booth for a drink and some very tasty lunch.





You can eat and drink here without bowling and the menu’s pretty good, although obviously at the pricier end – £8 for a fish finger sandwich and £12 for a hamburger, for instance – but that’s London. And you’d expect to pay that in such nice surroundings anyway. But we really enjoyed our food – a chicken ceasar salad, hummus and avocado on pitta bread, and a basket of fried chicken with fries – and the portions were decent.

The drink menu’s cool with a lot of American beers – Moosehead, Blue Moon and Brooklyn lager, which is apparently a revival of Brooklyn’s pre-prohibition malt beers. Bottles are what you’d expect – generally around £3.60 and £4 – but cocktails are between £6 and £14. However, Ayesha saw a sign saying that if you become a member of All Star Lanes you can get cocktails for as little as £3, even at the weekend. But I haven’t been able to find anything that says that on the website.




Oh, and we saw a wedding reception in the private lanes across the corridor. The bride looked fantastic bowling in a full-length lace dress.




2 thoughts on “All Star Lanes

  1. Absolutely love your post! I recently moved back to the US from London and miss it like crazy! But I always did like finding little gems such as this when I was homesick. Also, you might want to check out retro-a-go-go.com. They are a small wholesale company that have a lot of products inspired by 50’s vintage design and pin-ups. xxx

    • Thanks for reading, Kristin! I’m glad our fair land was able to make you feel at home. All Star Lanes is great. When I was working in London I got invited on a night out in the private lanes and it was so much fun. And the mini burgers and brownie canapés were so tasty. I wish there were more bowling alleys like this – bowling doesn’t have to be loud and inelegant. Thanks for the shopping trip, I’ll definitely check it out! xxx

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