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Review: Neal’s Yard goodies

I just had a little spree at Neal’s Yard and got some great stuff to liven up my skin and hair:

Frankincense hydrating cream – an organic moisturiser to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This is probably the best moisturiser I have ever used. After less than two weeks my skin feels really soft and looks much more refreshed. My skin went through a very blotchy month when I tried to find some anti-ageing creams and reacted badly to all of the Simple stuff I had bought. Now it’s better than it was before.

Frankincense hydrating facial mist – essentially a spray form of the hydrating cream. Keep it in your handbag and give yourself a quick spritz when you need some moisture and a pick me up. This feels really cool and refreshing.

White tea facial mist – another really good mist but with a much stronger scent than frankincense. This one has the fantastic heavy aromatherapy smell I love. I feel really awake and smell amazing after spraying this one. This is made with antioxidant, anti-ageing white tea and is good for sensitive skin.

Rosemary and cedar wood hair treatment – a solid treatment that turns to oil in the hands to deeply condition the hair and scalp. It smells fantastic!

Clarifying mahonia skin gel – for restoring balance to blemished skin. I only really bought this as a little extra to bring my order up to £40 so I could get free delivery, which was worth doing. I only get a little acne very occasionally but after the blotchiness I had a month ago from suddenly changing my 10-year skin regime I thought it would be useful to have in the bag. You only need to use this stuff on the problem areas. Smells like honey!

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3 thoughts on “Review: Neal’s Yard goodies

  1. Thanks for reading! I think you’d really like Neal’s Yard then. I used the hair treatment as a teenager and I don’t know why I hadn’t thought to use it again until now. The smell is gorgeous.

    I think the natural stuff must be so much more gentle to your skin than the stuff full of chemicals. My skin really is much smoother now. I used Nivea for 10 years and suddenly thought I should start using anti-ageing stuff and got three Simple products that made me really red and patchy looking.

    Neal’s Yard has really calmed my skin down. I’m definitely going to buy all of this stuff again when it runs out. I haven’t tried the frankincense nourishing cream but I should think it’s as good as the hydrating cream. But I’m only using the frankincense cream as a night cream. For day time I’m using Olay because I want an SPF moisturiser too.

    It’s free postage over £40 at Neal’s Yard so it’s well worth getting a big order if you’re after a few things. Let me know what you buy and how you get on!


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