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Bletchley Park, Pimm’s and the best flowery vintage stall at the fair



The slight improvement in temperature over the past few days has got me yearning for summer, which reminds me that I have lots of pics knocking about of last summer’s 1940s festival at Bletchley Park.

I ran a vintage stall for the whole weekend selling clothes, 1930s and 1940s records, jewellery and home accessories. The stall was a great success and went down very well with most visitors but the Cath Kidston tent I borrowed from my friend Ruby Retro caused some unexpected controversy among the more anal re-enactors who claimed it was “not in keeping” with the rest of the park. Well, I didn’t happen to think the clothes worn by half the visitors were very 1940s and didn’t seen them getting hassle but I was too drunk on Pimm’s by lunchtime to give it much thought.

I got my hairdo on both days from Sarah’s Doo-Wop Dos, a beautiful 1940s and 1950s enthusiast, hairstylist and vintage clothing retailer who has a lovely mini salon based at Rose-tinted Vintage in Bedford.

Bletchley Park runs this fantastic event every May so you should definitely come down for it this year!










Most of these pics are by my gorgeous friend Auriol.


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