Morning cocktail



From ‘100 Cocktails: How to Mix Them’ by ‘Bernard’ –

1/3 gill of Italian vermouth

1/3 gill of brandy

1 teaspoonful of Angostura Bitters

1 teaspoonful of absinthe

1 teaspoonful of maraschino

1 cherry

1 slice of lemon

1/2 tumblerful of broken ice

Half fill the tumbler with broken ice and add the Angostura Bitters. Then put in the absinthe, the brandy, the Italian vermouth and the maraschino. Stir well and strain into a wine glass. Serve with a cherry and a slice of lemon.

This recipe can be varied by reducing, by half the quantity of maraschino and by adding 1/2 teaspoonful of brown curaçao.

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