The cherry red velvet Mary Janes



Cherry red velvet Dr Martens Mary Janes – worth every penny in postage and customs duty –



Legion badge upside down because I’m right-handed…


I’m forever repairing the lining of this coat…



Coat – charity shop

Dress – Daisie Lane, a little boutique in Leighton Buzzard that sadly closed down

Dr Martens – eBay because they’re limited edition and out of stock in the UK

Bag – charity shop

Green gloves – present







8 thoughts on “The cherry red velvet Mary Janes

  1. As soon as I saw cherry red velvet Mary Janes I had to have them! I got mine from ebay, brand new from a guy who had loads. But I don’t think he’s selling them anymore.

    Don’t know what size you need but here’s a size eight in red and a size three in black…



    They do look difficult to come by now. Good luck, I hope you get some! xxx

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  4. lib x says:

    omg i want these cherry red dr marten shoes for xmas my mum cant find them anywhere in england pls email me to tell me where you gt them from thks 🙂

    • Hey, thanks for reading! I got mine on eBay but I think the guy’s sold out now. I got mine a year ago.

      But if you search my blog for another post about similar cherry red velvet Mary Janes you’ll find some info about similar shoes (I THINK from Office).

      Good luck, I hope you get some velvet shoes! Xxx

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