Christmas is coming to Ollie Vee’s!

I popped in to see my good friend Billie at her vintage shop, Ollie Vee’s, yesterday afternoon. This Leighton Buzzard vintage haven is one of my favourite places. I’ve been one of the biggest customers since shortly after it opened about four years ago and used to regularly get first dibs on stock that hadn’t made it to the shop floor yet. I even used to relax myself after a stressful week doing my real job in London by tidying rails, steaming clothes and doing the till. This is where ‘Jenny Vintage’ came from. Everyone in our odd little community has a shop name – Billie, Jonny Valentine, Ruby Retro (my friend Robbi)… I think Helen’s just Helen. I might start calling her Hot Lips.

Now that I’ve moved away from Leighton Buzzard I don’t make it down to the shop so often so I was really excited when I walked in yesterday and found Christmas was well on its way –

Of course I bought one of the bunny night lights –

Hats because I love them –

New dresses display –


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