Weekend cocktail

Marilyn likes it, yeah!


This weekend it’s a Hollywood cocktail in celebration of my very glamorous faux fur stole from Asos. I’ve worn it almost every day since it arrived and it’s the best furry thing I’ve ever had.

1/8 gill (a gill is about a 1/4 pint) of French Vermouth

1/8 gill of Italian Vermouth

1/4 gill of Dry Gin

2 dashes of Brown Curacao

1 dash of Lemon Peel Juice

1 Cherry

1/2 tumbler of Broken Ice

Half fill the tumbler with broken ice and add the French Vermouth. Then put in the Italian Vermouth, the Dry Gin and the Brown Curacao. Stir well and pass through a strainer into a cocktail glass. Serve with a cherry and a dash of lemon peel juice on top.

According to my book, this cocktail is very popular in America (in the 1930s at least). If required dry, double the quantity of French Vermouth and leave out the Italian.

Marilyn likes it, yeah!



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