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Auntie Nazinna – always rocking winter

I just stumbled across this gorgeous pic of my very good friend Nazinna, a London shoe designer with a label called Alpha Omega, on Style Clicker. This pic of Naz, taken in Paris where she was most probably on a trip to a big trade show, perfectly sums up her winter look, which she wore almost all year round back when we worked together. The big vintage coat wrapped up in the loose knit shawl is one of her wardrobe staples.

Note the waves in her hair, the bright pink tights (another one of her favourites) and her Alpha Omega shoes. Très chic!


Some of Naz’s designs –




4 thoughts on “Auntie Nazinna – always rocking winter

  1. This adress e-mail actually doesn’t work. And I checked on internet the company seems to be disolved. It s pity, because I’m looking for these amazing purple & gold shoes…

    If you have more information through your friend Naz let me know.


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